Befriend Your Brain

Befriend Your Brain

By: Divya Darling
July 2, 2019

Albert Einstein is a man whose work, and brain, I admire (my astrologer tells me I’m very similar to him, but that’s a topic for another email).

One of the things Einstein is known for saying is that you can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it. 

For years I’ve been saying that I’ve got one job: help folks transcend their thinking so they can access the vast well of wisdom they have within.

Recently though, I had another conversation with someone whose spiritual teachings have led them to villainise their ego. They bought into the concept that it’s something to rid themselves of. This is as futile a task as wanting to healthy and yet never to urinate again.

I thought about how the word transcend may subtly reinforce this concept. Which absolutely isn’t my intention because I personally love my ego. It’s an aspect of me, equally wonderful and divine as all others. Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

In fact, I recall a metaphor Deb and I discussed: that of an electrical wire. Spirit may be the current but the human ego is the copper wire. And if the wire has been chewed away in places, how well can it possibly work? The body is like the rubber coating that insulates and protects the wire. 

If we don’t have quality thinking, we can’t possibly conduct energy in the way our spirit would guide us to do. Fear and other nonsense will inevitably intervene and disrupt the signal. That is why we all need brain training. So the mind can become the faithful companion of our spirit’s deepest desires.

And that’s when this realization struck me like lightening: I don’t actually help folks transcend their thinking. I help them BEFRIEND their brains. 

I’ve met far too many folks (especially those who consider themselves spiritual seekers) who treat the ego mind as the enemy. It’s not. Well, it can be if you train it that way, but it can also be a faithful friend. It all depends on what you choose to reinforce.

That is the beauty of our brains – they are infinitely moldable and plastic. (This is the only kind of plastic I get excited about. ?)

The reality is that most people don’t understand HOW to instruct themselves effectively, so they inadvertently create stress and struggle for themselves. I know this this problem intimately as it was my experience once too, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. So, I’m doing my bit to change it by sharing what I’ve discovered.

If you want to learn how to have a quality relationship with your brain so you can maximize whatever it is you desire in life, this is exactly what I’m teaching in my newest offering Befriend Your Brain. It’s a free 5 day challenge starting on 15th July. Click here to learn more or enroll today.

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Befriend Your Brain

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Divya Darling

An enthralling storyteller with a profound message about human potential, Divya Darling is devoted to illuminating the wisdom within. Having researched the mysteries of the mind for over a decade, obtaining degrees in neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive sciences and being an avid yogi and philosopher, Divya serves as a Transformational Brain Trainer.