Benefits of Being Speechless

Benefits of Being Speechless

By: Divya Darling
September 7, 2018

“I find it really remarkable that the words you used to describe me are the ones that my closest friends would use. I haven’t had a conversation with any of you and that you know me like that is remarkable,” shared Thairus.

I’ve returned reinvigorated after 4 days of mindfulness, consciousness contemplation, introspection, and deep connection. The Journey Home to Self: the process of seeing Self and just sitting comfortably and contently in the fullness of your being.

At this mindfulness retreat that Deb Maes and I host twice a year, we facilitate (by way of modelling giving our Selves total permission to just BE… in whatever way we feel called or compelled to) engaging with the environment through our senses.

We move language out of the way so that we can connect with each other in a more profound way: the sixth sense – the experience we have when we just be quietly with another with an intention to connect (that’s why it’s called the 6 Senses Retreat).

Of the 5 other times we’ve hosted this, none have been alike. Whilst their basic structure is similar (because the purpose is to mindfully connect with Self and “others”) it is emergent from the people in the space, and so I’ve had remarkably different experiences at all of them.

And whilst we remain silent throughout most of the day, we do speak in the mornings and evenings at 8am and 8pm for our brief and debrief sessions. Previously in these sessions we’ve invented aliases make it easier to refer to people whilst sharing our experiences.

However, this time was different. At the retreat that concluded today, we invented our own pronouns… Heerus refers to Self (replaces “I”) and Thairus refers to any being in a different body (replaces “him/her”). A Thairus suggested that as an alternative to adopting other labels.

And so for the past 4 days nearly all of my conversations have included a reminder of us-us (referencing the whole). Which, in conjunction with the book I’m reading at the moment (“Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn), only serves to help me more fully embody the knowing of the interconnection of all beings.

Inventing our own sound sequences is only one of many ways we model breaking free from the social norms that bound us and limit us as expansive beings. Because we’re socialised in this world of shoulds and our human desire to connect is so strong, we sometimes lose ourselves. We surrender our truth so that we can fit in and be accepted.

So what happens in a space where one has total freedom and permission to just BE YOU? We soften. We relax. We return to Self. And it’s such a beautiful experience.

And in addition to countless insights, the overall feeling Heerus is returning with is a growing of gratitude, further buoyed by the lightness that emerges from releasing even more stories and presuppositions that she didn’t even know she was holding on to.

That is my kind of quality personal development. Not just content for the conscious mind, but a deeply transformative experience that lingers in the being.

If you’re interested in joining us on a retreat click here.

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Benefits of Being Speechless

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