Conscious Connecting Couples Retreat

Conscious Connecting

Couples Retreat

Your primary partnership is the relationship - the metaphorical "ship" that you sail upon through the ebbs and flows in the changing tides of life.

If you do not prioritise regular maintenance and upgrades, you'll soon discover that a perfectly good "ship" ends up wrecked, purely through lack of attention and care. Perhaps you've already learned this lesson…

Investing in your relationship is so important because when it is rocky it drains your energy and focus. And that impacts upon your creative contribution.

It’s worlds apart juggling work and relationships and attempting to balance them. It leaves you feeling torn and frustrated.

And it's a completely different experience when you've invested in the relationship and it is full and harmonious, and then you go off into the world with your partner's blessing backing you as you put your attention on work. It’s easeful.

So whilst you might not typically prioritise a weekend away with your partner, what you'll get out of it in terms of improved harmony at home will have an impact on all your pursuits and passions in life.

Our promise to you: devote just one weekend to learning and practicing Conscious Connecting with your partner and you'll be astounded by how much richness you infuse into your relationship, and the flow on effects that has.*

*Research from The Happiness Advantage reveals that the flow on effects are increased sales and better business bottom line.

Upcoming Retreats: 

2-5 July 2021

Private Beach House in Casuarina, NSW(Tweed Coast, 15 minutes drive from Gold Coast airport)

$1,950 per person OR $3,900 per couple

(prices are in AUD inc GST)

During this special luscious weekend retreat…

We'll focus on these four key elements of our Conscious Connecting model:

You’ll discover the most common reasons relationships become stale and passionless, and experience techniques that can transform the connection you and your partner have together in just minutes.

We’ll explore the four behavioral sets that have been proven to corrode intimacy (they are shockingly commonplace in most relationships), and strategies you can use to avoid them.

We'll teach you language patterns for how to honestly share your emotional processing with your partner - particularly with heavy emotions like anger - without losing control or blaming and shaming them.

Learning this means that your relationship grows stronger from every conflict, so you no longer feel worried about expressing how you truly feel in any situation.

It also means you'll be more sexually fulfilled as you'll be more open with one another about your deepest desires.

What if my relationship is already amazing?

So your relationship is already going great; you and your partner are very happy together. Great! This is the perfect time to join us for Conscious Connecting.

Some people make the mistake of waiting until shit hits the fan before they decide to invest any attention and energy into their relationship. And at that point, because it's not normal maintenance - it's critical repair - it ends up being much more time consuming and effortful. Don't let that happen to you. Come now whilst things are still humming along beautifully. And keep it going that way, easefully.

We're in this together!

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