How to be Happy: Einstein & Energy Reveals the Secret

How to be Happy: Einstein & Energy Reveals the Secret

By: Deb Maes
December 19, 2012

Einstein may or may not have said, “Everything is energy…match the frequency to the reality you want …”, but we DO know E=mc2, which means that matter is just tightly packed energy.  What is important to know is that all energy has a vibration, a specific rate or rhythm at which it moves.

What does that have to do with you? Your solid body is made up of approximately 7*10 to the 27th atoms (that’s 7 followed by 27 zeros i.e. 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). That is more than the estimated number of stars in the Universe (10 followed by 21 zeros).

Every one of those atoms is pure energy and every one of those atoms is vibrating.

What is really interesting is the relationship between your thoughts and feelings and the physical effect on your physical brain and the vibration of your atoms.

How our thoughts affect our energy is little known, but what we do know is: 1. changes in the brain (like a brain injury) do change the mind, 2. changes in the mind change the brain physically and 3. the mind can change the brain and then in turn change the mind.

Your thoughts create either an expansive or contracting energy, each of which has a different vibration.  You CAN’T have two different vibrations at the same time. If you think critical, negatively, fault finding you will have a contracting, hard energy.

What does this have to do to your body? What you say reveals what’s in your mind, which impacts your brain, body and energy. For example when I say, ‘I have to blog’, I get a knot in my tummy and my muscles tense.  But when I say, ‘I want to blog because you deserve to know things that can lift and inspire you’, or ‘I want to blog because it brings me joy to share’, I notice I breathe deeper and sit taller’.   Try it out. Say, ‘I have to (insert task you don’t want to do)’ and notice your body. Now say, ‘I want to (insert task you don’t want to do), because (insert what is important to you)’, and notice the shift in your body and energy.

How does this apply in life? It may be true that someone has made a mistake or deliberately done the wrong thing, but you can choose to let it go and shift your attention to things about them that you can admire.  When you’re hurt, vulnerable or defensive you may not feel they ‘deserve’ that, but what will happen when you choose to do it for yourself, your health, your wellbeing?

It does take courage and confidence in self, but the rewards are great, so I …
commit to living this way even more. Will you too?

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How to be Happy: Einstein & Energy Reveals the Secret

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