How to Build Resilience

How to Build Resilience

By: Divya Darling
June 9, 2020

I often get asked, ‘How can we build resilience within our teams?’. It’s a brilliant question, since resilience is definitely a muscle, just like our gluts. If we want buns of steel, we work our gluts and do lots of squats. So, what exercises can help us build the muscle of resilience? Whilst there are 9 important practices that we explore in the Excellence Program, this article details 3 of them.

  1. Be aware of what is the data. Learn to observe things as they are, and notice the places where interpretation is added. For example, if you see a red Maserati drive by you. The data is simply that – a red Maserati drove by. Often the inner dialogue might be something more like ‘oh, I love that car’ or ‘that person has too much money’ or ‘that person is driving too fast.’ All of these are interpretations/judgements/preferences layered on top of the data. When we become conscious of that layering, we can then acknowledge our ability to change the meanings that don’t serve us, can’t we?
  2. Create empowering meanings. This is one of our core values at IBI. As valuable as it is to just notice the data without the story, our minds can tend to be meaning-making machines (Brené Brown does a brilliant job explaining this in her book Rising Strong). So it’s super important that we learn to cultivate empowering meanings for ourselves in moments where we deviate from being fully present to our sensory data.
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  3. Understand the language of the unconscious: emotions. Our emotions are valuable messengers and when we dismiss them, we miss important memos from our Wise Self. The consequences of this are that we can often feel listless, lost, stuck, and unsure. When we decode the language of our emotions – understand what they are communicating to us, we have information that allows us to make important decisions about the direction of our lives. Then the question, ‘what’s the next priority for me right now?’ is far easier to answer.
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How to Build Resilience

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Divya Darling

An enthralling storyteller with a profound message about human potential, Divya Darling is devoted to illuminating the wisdom within. Having researched the mysteries of the mind for over a decade, obtaining degrees in neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive sciences and being an avid yogi and philosopher, Divya serves as a Transformational Brain Trainer.