How to Find Your Purpose in Life

How to Find Your Purpose in Life

By: Divya Darling
June 9, 2020

This article is an extension of What’s the purpose of life?

Often people will attempt to use logic and rational reasoning (head-brain) to find their purpose when the true answer can really only be found in their heart. To better understand what each brain does, read the article on mBraining and multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT).

So in a centered and still space, perhaps just after meditation, begin by observing how the heart-brain feels when you ask “what’s my purpose?” Secondly, check back with the head. What does it think about what the heart feels? Imagine they are two people having a dialogue, because then it goes back to the heart to respond. Then allow the gut to join the conversation and share what it knows. Finally, bring that information back to the heart.

In each instance, continue asking the question and focus your awareness on the answer coming from the part you’re asking. Again, the sequence is: heart, head, heart, gut, heart.

I still recall my first experience that enabled me to tap into the wisdom of not just my head, but also my heart and gut, and integrate the intelligence offered by all three, in relation to life’s purpose. I discovered more clarity than ever before on what my purpose – my focus – was at that moment: to help others understand the ever-changing nature of our brains and how that influences the way we regard mental health.

Since then, my purpose has transformed and evolved several times. I’ve come to discover that underneath it all, the purpose of life is simply to live, as the fullest expression of ourselves. To contribute to the world in a way that feels genuine and “right” for us, in that moment. That’s it. An ant taught me that! I was watching one go about its activities during a 6 Senses Retreat and I imagined it asking the question ‘What’s the purpose of life?’ and I laughed.

What if the purpose of life is to live? Then how we live is the interesting aspect. We can choose to live content and joyfully – appreciating the fullness of the adventure – or we can choose to live stressed and frustrated. The choice is ours.

So rather than wonder ‘What’s the purpose of life’, instead consider what will happen when you ask yourself ‘How do I want to be living?’. And a key follow up question you can ask is, ‘And how do I need to be, for that to be possible?’. Notice what emerges…

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How to Find Your Purpose in Life

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