How to Recharge when You Feel Your “Battery” is Low

How to Recharge when You Feel Your “Battery” is Low

By: Divya Darling
June 21, 2019

I was in New York recently and after a day of exploring using Google Maps and looking things up, the battery of my mobile phone nearly died.The screen dimmed once the battery reached 10% because my phone was trying to preserve battery charge. Trying to decipher what was on the screen with the dimness out in the sun was challenging… So I had to choose between changing the settings back to full power to see the screen properly, and risk the battery draining faster and going flat (because I didn’t have one of those portable chargers with me), or try to figure out a way to read with this darker screen in the sun.


When you’ve got full brightness on, you’re using apps, listening to music, hotspotting, and doing a variety of different things – it’s only natural and normal for the battery to run low, right? We don’t think there’s anything abnormal about that.


I thought about how it’s like the human experience when we’re running low on energy and a sense of connectedness with our spiritual Self. We get weary of being so absorbed in the material world and we need a ‘top up’ of reconnection with our wiser self – our inner being. There’s nothing abnormal there either. This is just a part of the human process of living and being, you know? We eat food and metabolise the nutrients in our system. We break down the protein, fats, and carbohydrates into glucose and use up that energy to perform our daily activities.


When we meditate in the morning to ‘top up’ and charge up for the day. Except for those of us who lead full and productive lives perhaps with entrepreneurial endeavors, those morning meditations aren’t always adequate to get us to fully charged up. So when we go on a spiritual retreat, we have the experience of feeling fully charged! There’s nothing like that experience of feeling like your battery is 100% charged. Everything works really quickly. The screen is bright- all of that. 


That’s the experience that I have after every retreat. And I feel, as each of our mindfulness retreats approach, that my battery is slowly draining and I’m looking forward to the full recharge that I will experience. Others who have been time and time again also recognise the signs that their battery is running low and that they need to get themselves to a retreat so they can recharge. 


What about you? Are you feeling like you need to recharge your battery? If so, I would like to invite you to the Inner Realm Immersion Sanctuary (IRIS). Find out more about the experience and see how profoundly it impacted others here on the priority enrolment page

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How to Recharge when You Feel Your “Battery” is Low

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