Inner Parenting Workshop

Inner Parenting Workshop

~with deb & D!V

Break free from the loops & patterns you get stuck in again and again with

Inner Parenting

A program for men and women wanting to step into their sovereignty and become the ruler of their reality.

Are you showing up in the world in the ways that truly lights you up inside?

  • If you're not working in a way that illuminates your genius, living a rich and deeply fulfilling life...
  • If you feel bothered by your bank balance or frustrated that you can't seem to meet your match in relationships...
  • If your health isn't what you want it to be and your eyes don't widen with delight at your physical form...
  • If you have addictions and compulsions running rampant in your life...
  • If 'ewww' is more of a default setting than 'ooohhh' for the emotional tone in the way you regard yourself...

You probably need to do some Inner Parenting for yourself.

Inner Parenting is not just for people who feel like they have experienced childhood trauma.

Neuroscientists agree that ~95% of our behaviours originate from the unconscious, which is developed during childhood.

All of those issues are residue of being raised by unconscious parents - people passing on their own wounds and conditioned thinking as though it was a 'fact of life.'

They form the seeds of self doubt that get planted in our subconscious in childhood and watered by society throughout our lives.

And we can't really blame them. It's simply not possible to give what you haven't got. If we haven't done our own inner work of clearing our own conditioned thinking, we can't possibly teach our children to do that either.

A conscious parent is someone who is committed to doing their own inner work of clearing their own conditioned beliefs ongoingly and are able to hold space for their children to grow and develop into healthy mature adults. They offer guidance in the form of sharing their own experiences cleanly. They educate and enable their children to make their own choices, and develop their own unique personality and style. They observe their children's values and gifts emerge rather than trying to impose upon them their values and beliefs.

Alas, these parents seem to be quite rare in my experience. How many people have you met with conscious parents compared to those whose parents were unconscious?

Regardless of if your dad was emotionally absent or you were best mates with him… 

Regardless of if your mum was super strict or incredibly permissive...

For all of us, there is some Inner Parenting required if we are to live an aligned life and become self-actualised.

Because there's a process to this maturing. When done skillfully, there are observable shifts in emotional vibration and the purposeful creation that emerges from it.

This process is what we'll be teaching in our Inner Parenting Workshop.

This is an introductory workshop, to learn and practice some key principles. Mastery cannot be achieved in a single day. This workshop is to expose you to the concepts and unlock some unconscious competence. To gain further competence, we will invite you to join the full 3 month transformational Inner Parenting Program.

During this workshop you'll experience:

  • Deeper connection with your authentic Inner Self
  • The Inner Parenting model and process
  • A toolkit of Inner Parenting resources
  • Opportunities to practice Inner Parenting for a current trigger your life and be coached on it

You'll walk away from this workshop with the tools and strategies that will allow you to:

  • Be more confident
  • Make more money
  • Attract your ideal partner
  • Have a healthy relationship with your body
  • Feel more joyful and fulfilled on a daily basis

Next Inner Parenting Workshop:

  • Saturday 11th Sept 10am - 4pm
  • Online
  • At $97, it's a no brainer

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