IRIS Priority Enrollment

Claim Your Place at the Inner Realm Immersion Sanctuary (IRIS)
1-5 November 2019, Bali Lush Eco Resort, Indonesia

You, my dear, have made it to our priority enrollment list because of the interest you expressed in joining us on this incredible adventure - this one of a kind Journey Home To Self. 

IRIS is a preparatory retreat for the 6 Senses Retreat. It is the place for you to learn highly effective meditation techniques to connect with your deepest, wisest Self. Even experienced meditators who have been practicing for years have been "blown away" by how powerfully they can calm their minds in such a short amount of time using these techniques. People who have claimed "I can't meditate" have surprised themselves with what they have discovered at IRIS.

It's a space for you to understand and appreciate you - thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviour, and all. To receive intensive transformational brain training to support you in polishing your mirror. And to practice seeing beyond the human psyche to the spirit being that resides within.

Because the program is emergent from the energy of those who participate, it is different every time. Fully customised to you, you'll be met with a space to transform in ways you might never have believed possible. This is the potency of the space we co-create.

In a relaxed and casual atmosphere, debMaes & Divya Darling offer you our wealth of knowledge and lived experience on human behaviour and spiritual transformation to support you wherever you are on your path.

If you're feeling lost, confused, conflicted, or just wanting a space to reflect and restore, join us at IRIS. Your future self will thank you for it.

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enLIGHTen UP : Emotions

enLIGHTen UP: Emotions

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