Inner Realm Immersion Sanctuary (IRIS)

Essential Mindfulness Retreat - Level 1

If your mind is cluttered and you want more calm and focus, or if you're on the brink, or just need space to reflect and restore, join us at IRIS.

If you desire peace of mind, you will find it at the IRIS Retreat.

Learn highly effective meditation techniques and connect with your deepest, wisest Self. 

Experienced meditators, who have been practising for years, have been "blown away" by the power to calm their minds much more quickly. 

Even some who believed "I can't meditate" have been surprised.

In a relaxed and casual atmosphere, Deb Maes & Divya Darling offer you a wealth of knowledge and lived experience on human behaviour and spiritual transformation to support you on your path.

An emergent program, from the energy of those who attend, it's different every time; fully customised to the group. You'll transform in ways you might never have believed possible. This is the potency of the space we co-create.

Learn what makes you tick.

Come to know and appreciate your whole self - thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviours all. 

Receive intensive transformational brain training.

Polish your “Being” so you can shine even more brightly.

Practice seeing beyond the human psyche to the essence that resides within.

IRIS creates a space away from the hustle & bustle of daily living and the judgement of society.

How can we develop the skill to be at peace and have calm when absorbed in the tides of life? It's as challenging as trying to lift 100kg before building the muscle.

Did you learn to drive a car on a freeway? No. You learned in quiet places, one thing at a time and then, layering them together, you achieved mastery. This is the approach we take with teaching the tools to true self knowing.

Learn the skills you need to deep dive into your inner being.

These include:

  • Understand the nature of the mind
  • Break free from limitations that had previously kept you stuck
  • Rewire conditioned reactions so you can respond in the way you choose
  • Discover the connection between thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and habits
  • Master the biochemistry of heightened emotional experiences to respond most effectively
  • See through stories and judgements into our spirit/soul

This is a space for you to learn the tools and techniques to release all the layers of dirt and mud (metaphorically speaking) that you've caked upon your self through mistaken and limited thinking and allow your gorgeous being to shine through again.

Whilst not a silent retreat, we do use silence as a tool for transformation and self discovery.

Whilst not a personal development retreat, we do teach tools to school the mind.

Whilst not a yoga and meditation retreat, we do practice yoga and meditation to cultivate quietness inside.

The IRIS retreat is a unique blend that others have called "indescribable, "profound," "potent," and "incredible."

And it is a preparatory retreat for our "life-changing" 6 Senses experience.

Because most people simply cannot comprehend how much changes in just 1 weekend at IRIS, we do arrival and departure interviews.

Here are a few of them:

IRIS is open to:

  • Those who are willing to learn this kind of wordless connecting
  • Those who are willing to experiment and explore and to join in energy with
  • Those whom already have a sense of what it is like to be mindful and connected with an inner/higher/deeper source of intelligence
  • Those who know the wisdom of and aim to be gently with themselves and others
  • Those who are willing to hold a clean, open space for others

Upcoming Retreats: 

19-22 March 2021

Hinterland Retreat in Byron Bay NSW, Australia

$1,650 (per person) Newcomers
$1,320 (per person) Returners (save 20%)
$2,295 Couples (save 30%)

All prices are in AUD inc GST

This Retreat includes:

  • 2/3 nights share accommodation
  • Self-awareness program facilitation
  • Meditation training
  • Mindfulness practices and activities
  • Meals – 3 delicious, wholesome, with a wide variety of delicious vegetarian options meals daily
  • Yoga & qi gong sessions daily
  • Meditation sessions daily
  • Delights for the senses

Our retreats typically sell out. To secure your spot pay a deposit and we'll invoice you for the remainder.

Still have questions about IRIS? Express Your interest and we'll reach out to schedule a call to have a chat about it.

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