Is There Never Enough Time?

Is There Never Enough Time?

By: Divya Darling
August 15, 2017

Is there never enough time?

We often feel that there just isn’t enough time in the day. By the time you take out sleep, eating, and bathroom breaks, work and travel time… there isn’t much time left over. And we can feel the lack of time in all of our habits. Our attempts to multi task and the rushing sensation we have of trying to get somewhere constantly.

It is often preached that there is a cure to this and that we simply need to take time for our selves mediate and learn not to rush. But have you ever noticed that what they’re giving as a prescription is actually the end state we wish to achieve and not a process?

We all want to prioritize the things we love that we actually want to do and not feel as if we’re constantly rushing. And it would be lovely to have time to meditate, do yoga or whatever your ‘me time’ activity is. But that’s not a process we can follow.

We need to do a collection of things before we can even attempt this wonderful state. Firstly we need to figure out what our ideal end state looks like. It’s going to be different for each of us. Some might find their peace in being able to do a yoga glass but for someone else that is just one more thing that they feel like they have to do. Self-reflection and figuring out what your values are and what you actually want is an activity within itself.

Then we need to figure out how we can create it as a positive goal, a.k.a. ‘I don’t want to always be rushing’ would become ‘I want to feel relaxed and like I have plenty of time no matter what’. And it needs to be a statement within your control. For instance ‘I want my husband to do more around the house so I can have more time for me’ is not something within your ability to control.

This is just a small part of the process that will get us out of the feeling that there is ‘never enough time’. But what we need to realize is that it is a process and thus a skill that many of us haven’t learnt yet. No one ever took the time to teach us how to look after our own minds and thoughts.

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Is There Never Enough Time?

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