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Loving Relationships

"After 13 years of marriage it feels like we just started dating."

~ Bryan Saba

Experience the most passionate, loving, and
intimate relationship you've ever known.

Often single women say things like “A good guy is hard to come by.” And men confess that “Women are complicated and hard to understand.” So the first barrier we need to breakthrough in creating a beautiful, enriching, and mutually supportive relationship is unearthing all the unhelpful beliefs you (unconsciously) hold about yourself and potential partners.

That’s one kind of brain training we offer to cultivate loving relationships. Its focus is on knowing yourself intimately so you know what kind of relating is most aligned for you. Without this foundation, a truly fulfilling relationship is impossible.

Another kind of brain training we offer is when you and your partner start to feel more like flatmates or coworkers caring for your children than lovers and deeply connected soulmates.

If you’re arguing more than you’d like, wondering why you’re still together, or fantasizing about how much better your life would be if you separated, it's time to reevaluate your relating alignment and learn some useful tools and strategies to connect and communicate more effectively. Because of course you love each other, even if you feel more friction than flow in the relationship.

Divorce can be disruptive and costly. We hear so often from our clients that if they had the tools they have now back when they were struggling in their previous relationships, they would have behaved very differently.

If you feel disconnected from any of your loved ones,
brain training can change that.

All relationships experience some conflict from time to time, though some more than others.
So what sets apart those couples who seem to relate to one another extremely well and those that can’t see eye to eye?

We suggest that at the root of all conflict is misunderstanding. People are not well educated about the way our brains actually work and construct reality.

Most of us think that the way we interpret something is the way that something actually is. Often couples, particularly when in the throws of disagreement, don’t fully grasp that you have your perspective and your partner has theirs.

The truth is that
no two people create
reality the same way.

There’s a saying in NLP: “The map is not the territory.” The territory is the external world, and the map is the way we each perceive it - our own filters and how we create reality for ourselves.

When we use our own map to try to understand someone else’s behavior rather than to seek to understand their map, that is how we create conflict.

Imagine how odd people would look if everyone wore the same size clothes. Take for instance, a very large person, trying to wear a very petite person's clothes. The same is true for reality.

The behaviors we each have are our
byproducts of how we understand the world.

If left unresolved, heartache, disappointment, and resentment inevitably ensue. The good news, though, is that doesn’t have to be the case!

With proper brain training for relationships you will learn to meet your partner where they are and shift into their perspective. You’ll learn how to curiously question, “Hmm… how is it that they create their reality?

What’s important to them? Let me look through their eyes. Let me seek to see from their perspective and adopt their map.” And when we do that, conflict simply can’t exist.

Brain training will help you develop the capacity to connect more deeply (with yourself first and foremost and then your partner) as well as communicate skillfully so not only do you feel like you understand them but they feel understood by you! This mutual understanding will radically shift the quality of your relationship.

Imagine if you could grow closer from every disagreement you and your lover have with each other… What might your partnership be like then?

Instead of reacting and feeling strife and turmoil at every disagreement, you can experience responding compassionately.

Another aspect of brain training is understanding that the logical mind ceases to be accessible when someone is emotionally triggered. So partners need to learn and practice the art of holding space for one another.

You don’t need to continue the rollercoaster cycle of ups and downs in your relationship. You can achieve harmony and a deep sense of closeness (which leads to mindblowing sex).

You deserve to feel that you are
loving, lovable, and loved. 

Let us support you in learning the tools and techniques

that will spark the passion and intimacy you are longing for in your relationship, with yourself first and foremost and with your partner.

Enrol in our 5 day challenge, Befriend Your Brain,
to learn more about your beautiful brain.

The more deeply you connect with yourself, the better able you will be to connect with your partner.

Curious about how brain training can radically transform
your relationship and change your life?

Book in for a free Spotlight Session
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