Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) can help!

Most people think that we only have one brain – the one in our heads – when in fact we have 3 distinct brains: the head, the heart, and the gut. Each of these are responsible for different functions so they each have different intelligence to offer.

Often inner conflict comes from asking the head brain a question that only the heart brain can answer (i.e. what’s my purpose in life).

When all 3 brains have been integrated clarity emerges easily and organically and from it, aligned action. Don’t take our word for it though – experience the multiple brain integration techniques process for yourself!

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“I am amazed by the profound insights I gained from the mBIT session. The techniques helped me to connect with my inner wisdom and brought a sense of expansion, peace and clarity. I am still drawing from this experience until today. Thank you ”

- Maika Rawolle

“The mBIT process is incredible…I was amazed at how quick and effective it was. I’ve already shared it with several clients and they’ve love it too. I’m just so grateful I got to experience it. Thank you so much!”

- Heather Noël

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