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"IBI offers all the tools I need to stay in a balanced state of functionality, productivity and calm in my work and personal life.”

~ Jo Lysaght, Nuskin

When you know who you are and
what you want, life is amazing.

Do you feel inspired, fulfilled, and grateful to be alive when you wake up each day? Do you see yourself as a unique and precious creation and delight in the discovery of who you are - like unwrapping a gift?

If you don’t feel excited by the life you are living, it’s highly likely that you have not connected with your purpose - who you are at your deepest essence and what makes you one of a kind. This is your deepest Self’s reason for being - your WHY.

Yes we’re all here to grow and expand, but there is a unique flavour of that growth, that expansion, and that contribution that only you can make to the world.

Life can feel a bit like a chore to endure when we
don't know who we truly are on the deepest level.

When we don't take time to meet our deeper Self, we feel disconnected. We get the sense that there's something missing. Life can feel a bit like a chore to endure when we don't know who we truly are on the deepest level.

Confusion, apathy, lethargy, and procrastination are all symptoms of this. So if you don’t feel motivated to move forward with projects you are passionate about, then you probably haven’t uncovered your core values and what’s most important to you in the world. Our core values are WHAT we deeply desire to experience in life. They are our underlying drivers.

Then of course there is the HOW - the behaviours we use to get from WHY to WHAT. Often these behaviours aren’t actually truly useful for us because they were developed from other people to get from THEIR WHY to THEIR WHAT and we just copied them.

Whilst behaviour (HOW) is immediately apparent, both our WHY and WHAT are invisible to the untrained eye.

We look beyond the surface to the deeper structure,
so we know how to see the clues of what truly matters,
and through brain training you can learn to do the same.

We simply cannot live truly fulfilled lives, to experience success on a soul level as well as in the material world, without consciously knowing our

WHY - our essential nature and unique purpose

WHAT - our core values

HOW - our aligned actions to bridge the gap between WHY & WHAT

With brain training, you can drill down to the motives beneath the behaviors that you might have previously classified as self-sabotage or procrastination, and understand what value they are actually fulfilling for you.

Then, you can learn to fulfil that core value in other ways that are more useful for the system as a whole.

When you have the clarity of understanding who you are and what drives you, you can make well-formed decisions and take action that is aligned with it holistically.

Get to the heart of what matters most to you, and discover how easy life can be when your behaviors work for you instead of against you.

Allow us to serve you in unlocking your greatest potential and gain the purpose and clarity you seek from your life. You have the answers within you. Brain training teaches you how to ask yourself the quality questions that enable those answers to arise.

Befriend Your Brain - our 5 day challenge - is a great way to
discover the brilliance you maybe didn’t know that you
already have within you.

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