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Evolving community!

We are here to evolve.

If you're reading these words, a part of you knows this to be true.

It is our essential nature to grow and expand. And this growth can also trigger some fear in our minds and bodies. The human ego loves to be comfortable and growth is, by definition, a stretching of the comfort zone.

This stretch can be painful, or it can be pleasant, depending on our perspective. And when we invest in training our brains to enlighten our perspectives, whilst many others in our lives remain unconsciously stuck in struggle, we can feel alone.

When you're on a path of conscious evolution, participating in a community of others dedicated to a similar pursuit is nurturing for the soul.

"We are not all in the same boat. We are in the same ocean though."

We're all here learning novel ways to stretch ourselves to fulfill our unique purpose - that which we're most passionate about.

And if you dig deep you'll find that the core of us we all want the same things.

Each of us - in our own unique and shared ways - are endeavoring to allow our lives to more fully reflect our infiniteness (being) rather than our finiteness (human). And then to transcend the duality to delight in all of it, especially the bits we don't delight in.

The Soulful Evolving community is unlike any other.

  • The Soulful Evolving community is about wholly embracing the paradox of being human.
  • It's a secular "sangha". Sangha is the sanskrit word for fellowship/community committed to living in alignment with the "Truth/teachings". Here the "Truth" comes from inside you - your own heart - rather than an external source.
  • We aim to honor, appreciate, and respect each other's unique perspective. All of us are equally capable of accessing Source consciousness. And, all of us are equally capable of getting hooked in fear and illusion. Rather than judge another, we remember that we're one consciousness experiencing itself in different ways.
  • Compassionately, through sharing our own experience, we support each other in calling ourselves back home to Self and Truth if we've strayed out of alignment.
  • It’s hosted on its own private digital playground away from all the noise and distractions of social media and has free content focused on resources on how to love the life you live.

It's free to be a member of Soulful Evolving.

The Soulful Evolving community is open to anyone and everyone who would like to participate in it.

You can contribute as much or as little as you would like, and in whatever form feels most authentic to you.

Our digital playground is hosted by Mighty Networks because many of us shared we felt tired, drained, and overwhelmed by all the noise of social media.

We wanted to stay connected, to share our successes and struggles with a supportive tribe, but found social media was increasingly becoming a pitchfest which seemed lacking in authenticity or relevance to us.

So we created Soulful Evolving.

We'd love for you to be a part of it.

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