Colleen Keith

Colleen Keith

By: Divya Darling
September 19, 2016

I was able to reflect clearly on the problem and with her guidance, delve into the core issues and find reasoning for why and how they had come to be in my space. It was relaxing and yet I feel I did some productive personal work as well. I left feeling clear, optimistic, peaceful and grounded in myself, and glad that I had come to some solutions that I could act upon.

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Colleen Keith

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Divya Darling

An enthralling storyteller with a profound message about human potential, Divya Darling is devoted to illuminating the wisdom within. Having researched the mysteries of the mind for over a decade, obtaining degrees in neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive sciences and being an avid yogi and philosopher, Divya serves as a Transformational Brain Trainer.