Laura Downie

Laura Downie

By: Divya Darling
September 19, 2016

I have been coached by Divya for 10 months now and can honestly say it has changed my life. In fact, I could never have expected that in such a short space of time I would see so much change in myself & the way in which I view everyday situations and the people around me. Divya is an amazing transformation facilitator whom through gentle guidance and an inspiring approach can encourage a whole new way of being. Personally my confidence and self-belief have both increased significantly and as a mentor and coach I have Divya to thank for that. Definitely one of the smartest investments I’ve made, so if you’re looking for change in your life, start working with Divya and prepare for some pretty dramatic change.

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Laura Downie

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Divya Darling

An enthralling storyteller with a profound message about human potential, Divya Darling is devoted to illuminating the wisdom within. Having researched the mysteries of the mind for over a decade, obtaining degrees in neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive sciences and being an avid yogi and philosopher, Divya serves as a Transformational Brain Trainer.