Marcin Paszkowski

Marcin Paszkowski

By: Divya Darling
September 19, 2016

I want to thank you one more time, Divya. You have changed my life. It keeps getting better every day! My students are appearing. People want to share my love. It is awesome. Because of you I realised how knowledgeable, smart and loving person I am. It is such a great feeling to get out of my shell and just be the real me. That is such a powerful feeling when you know that you can spend the rest of your life being truly happy. I am not pursuing my happiness anymore. I am happy already. The whole world is different now. Even though is the same world but it’s not the same at all because I see everything differently. You are the best. You know what I realised? There are so many so called ‘coaches’ in the world. But you are not a coach. You are just a great person and you emanate good energy and just pure goodness. You don’t have to make people change. You are the change. I love your saying ‘ just be’. That’s what you do. You just are. Thanks a lot. I still state that my words cannot describe my gratitude (but I will try anyway)! Thanks so much for being such a special person in my life.

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Marcin Paszkowski

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