The One Thing You Can Always Control

The One Thing You Can Always Control

By: Deb Maes
February 13, 2013

Choose the Quality of your Experience.

We are doing this all the time anyway.  Have you noticed how often people say things like:

‘I know I’ll have a headache by the end of the day’, or ‘I already know how she is going to respond’, or ‘I’ll bet it turns into a disaster’.

Why do we not hear many people say things like:

‘I’m going to ensure I enjoy myself’, or ‘by the end of the meeting I will have found at least one thing about him that I can appreciate and acknowledge’ or ‘I’ll make sure that it’s an experience that I’ll look back on with gratitude’.

In all these scenarios, the person can choose the quality of the experience.

Of course, some people do say positive things, but what do you think the ratio is of negative predictions to positive predictions in the general population?

If you asked the people in each of the ‘negative’ examples above, ‘How is it that you are choosing that quality of experience?’, you’d probably get some strange looks.

Imagine what would happen if you put the question more bluntly to those people who are anticipating unpleasant outcomes. For example, ‘So, are you intending to deliberately create a bad day?’ If you do, I recommend you would probably want to stand out of arm’s reach!

Few people would admit to willing a ‘bad day’ on themselves.

Now, if you asked the following question to people anticipating positive outcomes, ‘So, are you deliberately creating a good quality day?’, it’s far more likely that you would get a ‘Yes’ response.

So, what quality of experience are you choosing?

AND, how do you think this relates to working in better quality states?

In Your Success Code, our online mindset gym, we offer a process called Advanced Hindsight for Intending Quality so you can create a good day for yourself everyday.

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The One Thing You Can Always Control

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