The University of Life

The University of Life

By: Divya Darling
October 5, 2019

A metaphor I frequently use when contemplating Life is that of a University. We’ve all arrived on this planet to pursue our own education. Some students might study art while others will study economics or political science. We each have different passions and callings.

And there are all kinds of different people on campus, some we feel drawn to and want to become besties with and some we feel triggered by and can’t help but roll our eyes at the sound of their voice in class.

A more senior student, further along in their studies, can support someone in a subject and offer some tutoring while still recognising we’re all learning different lessons. So when someone comes to me seeking support on how to heal trauma, or overcome depression or anxiety, lose weight, or attract an incredible partner I’m like, “Yes, I’ve done that subject,” because it’s something I’ve already experienced. 

Another reason I like this metaphor is because we have the option to choose whether we enjoy completing our assignments and graduating, or we can be annoyed about it. We can be frustrated and say, “I hate this subject” or we can just accept that this subject is part of our degree. I’m here on Earth. This is the body that I’ve got, the family that I’ve got, the life that I’ve got right now. When we’re faced with a challenge in front of us, like the tests and essays we get in Uni, we get to choose how to meet it. 

Irrespective of whether or not you believe you choose your family before you’re born, surely we can agree that we can choose the attitude with which we approach something, right? Whether we choose to be frustrated that it’s something we have to do or choose to appreciate this subject is part of the course is up to us. We can learn how to enjoy it, and we can learn even more when we appreciate the process. 

My experience – having being irritated that I have to study certain subjects and enjoying other subjects – has been that when I let go of the story of “I like this and I don’t like that” and I delight in all subjects equally, Life becomes truly an exquisite experience. What if you learn how to appreciate all the lessons, even the uncomfortable ones that you used to loathe? How might that enhance your life enormously?

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The University of Life

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Divya Darling

An enthralling storyteller with a profound message about human potential, Divya Darling is devoted to illuminating the wisdom within. Having researched the mysteries of the mind for over a decade, obtaining degrees in neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive sciences and being an avid yogi and philosopher, Divya serves as a Transformational Brain Trainer.