Time-Poor? Read This Now

Time-Poor? Read This Now

By: Deb Maes
January 16, 2013

Are you kidding me?  You can’t manage ‘time’ any more than you can manage the weather.  Actually, you would have more success trying to manage the weather because at least it is a tangible phenomenon.  ‘Time’ on the other hand is an abstract concept.  It doesn’t exist.

We talk about it like it exists  by saying; buy time, borrow time, save time, have time, give time and my favourite … make time.  You can’t make time!  You’re not God!

Sure, clocks exist.  Humans have made mechanical devices that tick at regular intervals, but that isn’t time, that’s a clock.

So what is time? That’s a trick one.  Better to ask a scientist.  What I know is that we use lots of metaphors to enable us to think about this concept and mostly these just frustrate us.

HINT:  Check if you’re thinking about ‘time’ it is a tangle thing I can control, by substituting the word ‘time’ for ‘weather’ and see if it makes sense.  For example, would I say, ‘I have to make the weather to do that’?  Or, ‘I don’t have enough weather to relax’?  You get how crazy that is, don’t you.

No one (in their right mind) tries to manage the weather. We manage ourselves and respond by adjusting what we do ‘given the weather’, don’t we.

So, time might not really exist, but what does exist is YOU.

You don’t get ‘time’ to relax. You get ‘YOU’ to relax.

You don’t get ‘time’, you get ‘life’.  Use your ‘living’ to enjoy being you with what you have.

Paradoxically though, the more you do just relax and be YOU, the more effective and productive you become.

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Time-Poor? Read This Now

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