Transformational Coaching and Paradigm Shift

Transformational Coaching and Paradigm Shift

By: Deb Maes
November 6, 2018

A dictionary definition of paradigm shift is:

“When the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way”

Without a paradigm shift nothing of real substance actually changes. Without a paradigm shift we are just rearranging the same pieces – straightening the soiled sheets on the same old bed. This is known as ‘first order change’.

A paradigm shift – when we… replace old thinking and doing with new and different ways – this is second order change. This is what is required for sustainable transformation. And, what is ‘transforming’? ‘Trans’ is a prefix meaning ‘Change thoroughly’ and ‘form’ is the character or mode in which we show-up. Transforming than is when we thoroughly change the way in which we show-up. It is changing our ‘form’ from one thing to be another.

To do this kind of transforming, to experience a paradigm shift, we first have to believe it is possible.

When coaching is done masterfully, it is itself an ongoing transformative process; it helps open the mind and evolves consciousness. From this place, anything can happen – and countless beautiful things do happen.

And, one of the most beautiful things that evolves is our capacity to transcend “classifying” others by beliefs, behaviours, colour of the skin, language, cultural background, tribes – any form of ‘I and you’. We become blind to differences and awakened to see through our own previous limiting beliefs; we can begin to perceive the lovableness in all.

We remember we are all one, and any division between us disappears, and we see each other as the same – I see me in you there and there is no judgement but patient loving appreciation.

Masterful coaching, IMHO, is a transformative and expansive encounter between human souls – where the potential of the soul is championed. This can only happen when I am fully awake, speak truthfully, and vibrate in harmony with the soul I am with.

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Transformational Coaching and Paradigm Shift

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