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At IBI we offer a variety of programs designed to let the true you shine through. We work as 2nd order change agents with the vision of elevating consciousness on the planet.

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A book club for spiritual philosophers. We meet on the 2nd Monday of each month.

A study group for those who want to live in alignment with “The Way”. We meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

Upcoming Programs

World Class Brain Training at a No-Brainer Price. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, our online mindset gym offers the best tools and techniques to keep your mind in shape for the success you deserve.

When we find ourselves looping in the same patterns again and again, it’s a cue that Inner Parenting is required. Whether our issues are with money, health, relationships, work ethic, etc. these issues stem from beliefs adopted during childhood and this program offers a highly effective methodology for rewiring those neural networks.

IRIS is a place for you to learn highly effective meditation techniques to connect with your deepest, wisest Self. We use silence as a tool to release judgement and stories and learn to be present with what is. IRIS is a prerequisite to attending the 6 Senses Retreat.

The 6 Senses Retreat is a silent mindfulness retreat (which is very different to a silent meditation retreat like Vipassana) and is an opportunity for you to relax and rejuvenate, and meet yourself anew.

This program is a deep dive into the POSTURE model for creating full alignment between conscious and unconscious goals.

What our clients have said about our Programs

“It’s a really well done course, the sheets are concise and just get to the gold.”

~ John Fives

“Other programs often help you be like some other successful person - not do YOU better. In YSC I get fresh ideas each week on how to do ME, only better."

~ Keegan Hayden

“My time so far with the “Your Success Code” program has allowed me to find direction and confidence in my life, and has helped me develop skills that have real world effects in my journey towards achieving my goals. The YSC program has helped me refocus my aims and helped me realise I don’t need to be a supplicant to the whims of the world around me; I can change my own course and ensure I achieve success in whatever I dedicate myself to. This has allowed me to develop a greater sense of self worth and respect in my relationships, and has allowed me to focus on my health in a more holistic fashion.”

~ Christian Rice

“I came wanting peace and clarity; confidence and accepting that it’s ok to be me and who I am. I leave today knowing my worth and what I am, knowing that I have a lot of courage and how brave I have been through this process and all that I have released. There’s still more work to do, but that’s ok. I have the tools and I know what’s necessary to be done… Thank you”

~ Nina Saba

“This place really showed me stuff that I never ever would have found out if I didn’t come here. Stuff that only I could have tapped into. The strength and the knowledge that we can access within - I never realised I could tap into that… It’s through the process it’s helped me to tap into that… Words really can’t describe what I’ve experienced in less than 48 hours… I’m so grateful.”

~ Mike Wilson

“Words cannot describe the experience. Its awe inspiring andphenomenal. The four days have groundedme. There is nothing like it. Of all the things I've tried, I've experienced nothing like it. I've done Demartini and lots of others. Nothing is as real. It's about you, coming in touch with Self and becoming grounded andbringing that out into the world so that you can be sincerely your Self - not fabricating what others think you should be, but being your most authentic and natural Self. I know this will help me not only in my professional work but also in my personal Life.”

~ Cate McMahon

“The 6 Senses Retreat was an eye opener. A heart opener. A soul opener. Many of the questions I had been asking myself for along time were answered. It is down time tocontact and spend time with Self whilst inthe presence of others. I had a fabulous time.If you are looking for Self, this is the place tocome to find YOU and be in the presence ofother beautiful souls as you do.”

~ Carole Wright

“I have a scientific background and after 12 years of professional development I came with an open mind, with a specific goal tofind myself. This is not a conventional program. I saw myself in ways that pleasantly surprised me.”

~ Vicki Donnelly

“This retreat is life changing, truly. I met myself and felt like I was truly WITH people for the first time in my life. So much hasshifted in my world since then and all I can say is THANK YOU!”

~ Margot Buchanan

“This is the best money I’ve ever spent in my entire life! Ittruly was a game changer for me... Even though it is the same world, it’s not the same at all because I see everything Differently.”

~ Marcin Paszkowski

“The IBI Visioning Retreat was a perfect opportunity to get away from it all and spend quality time nourishing my mind, body and soul. Everything was perfect – beautiful nature around us, delicious and nutritious meals, yoga sessions, meditations, mindfulness workshops and good company. I especially enjoyed creating a vision board and learning strategies to manage my inner critic. Thank you Divya for bringing this all together in one weekend.”

~ Abi Ireland

“I found my journal from the Visioning Retreat and realised that everything I had written in there I had created. And it was amazing! It’s such an incredible feeling to discover that I can create anything I want.”

~ Nadia Davis

"The level of feeling and holding space was high and I felt very comfortable to share in that environment, Div and Deb have a great amount of integrated wisdom and knowledge of life to be able to share. Just wanted to express my gratitude, and thanks, for the session. Was very powerful and I have continued to use it."

~ Peter Middleton

“...A huge awakening..”

~ Nerridah Prentice

“Very powerful.”

~ Cristina Carnevali

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