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Visioning Workshop

Most people set goals. And the majority DON’T achieve them. Why is that? Because your brain has a mind of its own.

Neuroscientists agree that ~95% of our behaviours are unconsciously motivated. So if we’re setting goals with the 5% in consciousness, those are not favorable odds for success.

That’s why we created the enVISIONing Experience. This program is all about flipping our odds and communicating directly with the Driver of our experience: our unconscious mind.

It’s NOT one of those programs where you just cut out pretty pictures and make a vision board. Sure, we MIGHT include that, if we’re wanting to occupy the conscious mind with a task, but really, this program is about unconscious alignment. This is essential for any goal, whether it's losing weight, changing careers, breaking an income ceiling, or starting your own business.

So here’s your invitation to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY THIS YEAR.

Join Divya Darling for a unique personal development experience at IBI’s annual enVisioning experience.

This energising and insightful program takes a holistic approach to wellness, combining evidence-based practices, and old-age wisdom to help you set and achieve quality goals for the year ahead.

During this weekend, you’ll be ensconced in country NSW. This is the perfect place to rediscover what scientists refer to as ‘mind-wandering’ or ‘daydreaming’, our most productive and creative mode of functioning.

Whilst there are countless meditation and spiritual retreats in Australia, IBI’s Visioning Retreat utilises Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and guided mindfulness meditation to immerse yourself in the experience. You’ll join a small group of likeminded individuals and be guided through practical exercises, techniques and empowering tools to learn how to train your brain to align your conscious dreams with your unconscious beliefs.

We workshop IBI’s POSTURE model, get Advanced Hindsight, and use hypnotic processes to time travel to meet your Self who has already achieved the goal and access their advice. You come back to present day clear and inspired, knowing what to do and why it matters. 

Next Visioning Workshop

17 January 2021, 10am-1pm AEDT

Online via Zoom

At $93.50, it's a no brainer

Spaces are limited, so seize this special opportunity.

When you book your place more than 3 months in advance, you receive a free copy of the Journal of heARTwork & Gratitude.

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