The space where science and spirituality intersect

Combining psychology, neuroscience, and personal development, the Institute serves as a space where science and spirituality intersect. We’ve realized that often cutting edge research is really just ancient wisdom dressed up in data. It’s a good thing that contemporary scientists are finally starting to catch up on what great minds of the past have discovered hundreds of years ago. In tracking these trends we’ve been able to develop a variety of resources that will help you retrain your brain to engineer your ideal experience moment by moment.

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How We Help

Find Your Own Path to Success With Our Programs

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World Class Brain Training at a No-Brainer Price. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, join our online mindset gym and learn the best tools and techniques to keep your mind in shape for the success you deserve.

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Coaching Programs

Though varied in their focus, all of our coaching programs are dedicated to enabling you to let the true you shine through. Whether the focus is on Abundance, Responsibility, or any other topic, they are a space for you to deepen your mastery in those areas.

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Mindfulness Retreats

Our personal growth retreats are primarily geared toward personal development though they have been described as self-help retreats, spiritual retreats, and yoga retreats.

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The Directors

Divya Darling & Deb Maes serve as the Directors of the Intrinsic Brilliance Institute. They are coaches, brain trainers, facilitators, and community leaders who are dedicated to helping you see yourself as you truly are: a brilliant being, infinitely resilient, resourceful, and capable of achieving anything you desire. As you work with us, you will learn how to access the limitless potential of your own strength and energy, and experience the ease that comes from alignment.

What Our Clients Say

We greatly value the feedback from our beloved clients. Their testimonials are the best validation our work can hope to receive.

“Unbelievable transformation: from low self esteem to being National Winner ‘Best Trainer/Coach’ Award, from low self confidence to community leader as Chair Durban Chapter...”

- Akshata Ravi

"After 17 years in business I've had my most profitable year yet."

- Carl Taylor

"Efficiencies have improved 700%, profits are up 14%, and I now lead a resilient team.”

- Stephanie Cameron

Upcoming Programs

We offer a range of programs both free and paid, delivered digitally as well as in person at various locations around the world.

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