A 12 week odyssey into the depths of the psyche to illuminate, claim and integrate all that had been previously shunned to the shadows. If you want to tap into your infinite potential, THE RECLAMATION coaching program can help you do that.

A new coaching program is arising inside me…

Like the majority of my coaching programs, its focus is on integrity.

Integrity like wholeness integrity - integrated - which of course the do as you say, say as you do kind of integrity falls within.

Enhancing your experience of wholeness and fullness in life.

I use these words deliberately as I want to be crystal clear about this fact: you already are whole. But if you find yourself fixated on the hole within the whole, which the untrained brain naturally does, this program is for you.

We forget to remember.

Perhaps you find yourself believing the thought "I'm not ______________." Confident ... Smart ... Sexy ...

There are countless qualities you could fill in the blank with. Hundreds, perhaps maybe even thousands of disowned parts of you.

You are all of it. We are all of it. And, due to conditioning from families and societies we become myopic and focus on certain parts whilst others get shoved aside.

They are still here, even if they are hidden in the shadows.

If you're ready to shine some light into that darkness, this program is for you.

THE RECLAMATION is a 12 week transformational odyssey into the depths of your psyche.

You're in good hands with me as your guide because not only do I have degrees in psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science and am trained in a variety of applied transformation modalities, I've been leading odysseys like this for nearly a decade now over at the Intrinsic Brilliance Institute.

The purpose of THE RECLAMATION coaching program is to illuminate how you are that which you had believed yourself to not be, and fully integrate that within your psyche.

The flow on effects from an identity shift like this are profound and far reaching.

The most common often relate to wealth, health, and romance:

  • adding an extra 0 to your income (yes, that does happen after coaching with me)
  • witnessing excess weight fall off as you feel more vitality flowing through your body
  • a more passionate and loving marriage or relationship

These changes are merely pointers to the deep transformation that takes place at the core and radiates out.

THE RECLAMATION is a clean coaching program.

That means I'm not going to tell you what to reclaim - the content comes from within you. There is a voice inside you that already knows and I'm here to help you hear that voice more clearly and see your vision come to life as you embody that which you desire.

I facilitate trance-inductive processes to guide your brain waves from beta (cognitive activities) to through alpha (relaxing) to theta (deep meditation) and direct your focus to the resonance of your heart's field.

From that space, the answers arise from within you. Because this program is about you being the fullest expression of YOU in the world because that’s what you're here for, isn’t it?

I promise I'll share me fully and authentically in each of our weekly coaching calls throughout the duration of this 3 month journey together.

THE RECLAMATION is facilitated in a 3 part process:

Meet Yourself Anew

In this first part of the program you learn and practice the art of witnessing what arises in your body and mind, perhaps as a scientist collecting data or as if you were dating yourself and just noticing all the little quirks and things about that curious human that you get to observe.

You learn how to remain as the witness when the mind is messy and the nervous system dysregulated.

And you practice the tools that enable you to hold presence in and through what arises in the body and mind.

Discover the Truth of You

There is nothing outside of you. Nothing that you are not, on an essential level.

First you see and claim this on an identity level and then the cultivation of capabilities and new behaviours flows from that, seemingly effortlessly. Like you turn on the tap and the water just flows out - you don't need to force the water to flow.

It happens naturally when the plumbing is working. The effort is only in turning on the tap. So too with our inner world and self construct.

Let You Shine Through

Allowing ourselves to shine in the world - to radiate the full spectrum of our intrinsic brilliance can feel super scary and vulnerable.

Resistance will inevitably arise, in one form or another.

This part of the program is about equipping you with the tools to meet and melt that resistance as it emerges so you can continue to live as the fullness of your Self.

If it feels like a yes inside, here's some more

Logistical info

When is it?

THE RECLAMATION takes place May - July. The time of the weekly Zoom coaching calls is decided after polling those who enroll.

What's the flow like?

The format of the sessions will likely be a short content piece to set the frame, a guided process with the whole group, and then individual sharing and 1-1 coaching within the 60-90 minute period we meet each week. Sessions are recorded.

What’s the investment?

The investment for this coaching container is $950 USD pay in full or $333/month for 3 months. Given that I mostly work 1-1 with clients whose annual retainers start from $2,500/month, it's a much more affordable way to work with me if you've been wanting to do that.

What if I still have questions about it?

Book in a time to chat with me to explore if THE RECLAMATION is right for you right now.

Ready to enroll?

Click the button below and you’ll be directed to the enrolment page.

elizabeth makin

"Divya is present, humble and powerful. She is a shining light, as warm as it is bright.”


kathy divine

“My experience with Divya as a coach is that she is exceptional at holding space. I feel very heard during a session and this enables me to let go and also recognise the difference between my ego and what's true for me. These coaching sessions empower me to take responsibility for my life.”


kathy divine

“I've been working with Divya for many years and having her beside me as my coach and mentor has been one of the biggest catalysts for my personal and spiritual growth. Divya's deep presence and her ability to break down complicated issues in digestible chunks is priceless.”


lauren tindal

"Divya made me wake up to some factors really needed to be addressed more then anyone I have ever seen."


“At the core of your being, you already are all that you seek.”

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