enLIGHTen UP​:
Ancient Wisdom Applied to Modern Living

What ispired Divya to write this book?

Divya lives for transformation. And when one person transforms, so too do the relationships and systems they participate in. She is fascinated by the psychological and spiritual phenomena that create these changes on a systemic level, and how they came to be that way.0

Motivated by curiosity and amazement at how her perspective on different situations changed throughout the years, she yearned to explore those transformative perspective shifts that all of us can achieve when we commit to our personal development.

What is the book about

enLIGHTen UP: Ancient Wisdom Applied to Modern Living is about awakening to the Infinite Intelligence within all of us and increasingly living that knowing.

It's about the marriage of the human and spirit, nonduality, polarity and paradox, and boundaries in oneness. Using my own life as the laboratory, I explore the topics of identity, perspectives, transformation, and compassionate relating.

It’s recommended reading for any awakened human seeking guidance, inspiration, and connection in their desire to live dharmically.

I read Divya’s writing and think,'That makes so much sense... why didn't I see that before,’ because she has a way of explaining psychological tenants that just seems so natural and familiar.

Katie Hanna

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“At the core of your being, you already are all that you seek.”

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